Measures on imports

Interested parties are advised of the imposition of dumping and/or countervailing measures through the publication of an Anti-Dumping Notice (ADN) on the following pages:

If it is identified by the importer (or licensed broker acting on their behalf) that the goods imported are subject to dumping and/or countervailing measures, the following actions may occur:

Dumping and/or countervailing measures apply for five-years unless revoked earlier. Measures can be reviewed within that time to update them or to consider a revocation request. The measures may be continued beyond the initial five years after application by the Australian industry and inquiry by the Commission.

If you believe that the amount of dumping duty collected by Customs does not exceed the actual dumping margin for each consignment over the five-year period, provision exists for the assessment of the final duty liability. This system allows for any excess interim duty to be refunded where it is found that prices have changed since the original investigation or subsequent review. If an assessment of final duty is not applied for, the amount of interim duty paid will automatically convert to final duty.

Dumping commodities register

Current measures are listed by commodity. Linked to each commodity is the dumping commodities register (DCR) which provides information when importing goods subject to measures.

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