Subsidies Register

The subsidy register provides a summary of the subsidy programs that have been investigated by the Commission. The register lists subsidy information by country and includes links to Anti-Dumping Commission reports. Details include: title of the program, specificity, nature of financial contribution and benefit conferred, and the basis for the Commission’s determination of whether each subsidy was actionable.

All information contained on this webpage is provided for general information purposes only. While the Anti-Dumping Commission has taken due care in preparing the information, the Commission does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information contained therein. The Commission accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered due to the direct or indirect reliance of the information contained on this webpage. Interested parties should obtain their own independent professional advice prior to relying on, or making any decisions in relation to, the information published in the register or anywhere on this webpage.


Information on subsidies is also provided by other administrations. Refer to other subsidy resources.

For further guidance on subsidies please contact the Commission’s liaison team on 13 28 46, or if outside Australia on +61 2 6213 6000, or by email at

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