Pre-lodgement documentation check

The Anti-Dumping Commission provides a free-of-charge documentation check, prior to formal lodgement, to assist applicants to ensure that their applications meet the documentary requirements.

Further information about this service is available in Pre lodgement documentation check guidelines (Dec 2015).

How do I lodge an application?

An application for review of measures must, among other requirements, be submitted to the Anti-Dumping Commission in writing and meet the requirements of the approved form. Whether the application seeks a variable factors review, or a revocation review, the applicant must provide supporting evidence.

A non-confidential version of an application must be provided for the Public Record.

Forms of dumping duty

These Guidelines set out issues to be considered when determining the form of duties that the Commissioner will recommend to the Minister. They are also meant to guide applicants or interested parties when preparing their applications or submissions in relation to the form of dumping duty. The forms of duty are the methods by which the amount of interim dumping duty payable on goods exported to Australia is calculated.


Information on how to make a submission to the Anti-Dumping Commission can be found here.

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