Pre-lodgement documentation check

The Commission provides a free-of-charge document check, prior to formal lodgement, to assist applicants with documentary requirements.

Further information about this service is provided in Pre lodgement documentation check guidelines (Dec 2015).

How do I lodge an application?

An application for exemption for goods from duties can be made where anti-dumping measures have already been imposed.  An exemption application can also be made during an investigation, before any measures have been implemented. 

In the latter case, the Commission will attempt to process the exemption application as part of the investigation.  If this is not possible due to reporting requirements for the investigation, a separate exemption inquiry will be conducted.

Applications are required to be submitted in writing and should include:

      • Details of the name, street address and postal address, of the applicant seeking the exemption.

      • Details of the name of a contact person, including their position, telephone number and facsimile number, and e-mail address.

      • A description of the applicant’s interest as an affected party.

      • Provide known names, addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers of other parties likely to have an interest in this the exemption application e.g.  Australian manufacturers, importers, exporters, users.

      • Detail on which ground the exemption is being sought, e.g. the exemption category under subsections 8(7) and 10(8), such as Exemption Two (paragraphs 8(7)(b) and 10(8)(aa)) where a TCO in respect of the goods is in force.

      • Evidence that all known Australian producers have been contacted in writing and asked whether or not they support the exemption application.

      • Details of the current investigation or anti-dumping measure(s) applying to the goods the subject of this application, including:

          • a description of the goods covered by the investigation or measure, and their tariff classification;

          • the countries or companies specified; and

          • if measures have been imposed, the date of publication of the notice or acceptance of an undertaking.

      • A detailed statement setting out the reasons for seeking an exemption, including:

          • a detailed description of the goods on which the exemption is sought;

          • the conditions that exist that provide grounds to make an exemption; and

          • whether an attempt has been made to purchase the product for which the exemption is being made, or a substitute product, from Australian producers. 

      • The application, including supporting evidence should be provided in a non-confidential version for distribution to interested parties.

      • Applicants should ensure that they clearly show, in the non-confidential version of their application, the grounds for seeking an exemption from anti-dumping measures.

An application, together with the required supporting evidence, should preferably be lodged by email. Alternatively, the application can be lodged by post or fax.


Information on how to make a submission to the Anti-Dumping Commission can be found here.
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